About Me


I have ​10+ years experience in the ​IT field where I worked mostly as ​consultant​ for external or internal customers. I am interested in anything that is related to ​Cloud and ​Container Technologies​, ​CI/CD Automation and ​Security​. I have several certificates in these fields.

My life motto is: “​I will either find a way or make one​”

Working experience

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), ​OpenStack, VMWare Integrated OpenStack (VIO)
  • Kubernetes, Docker
  • Ansible​,​ Puppet
  • GitLab CI, Jenkins​,​ TeamCity
  • Ubuntu, CentOS​,​ ​Amazon Linux, RedHat, Oracle Linux
  • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (​ELK Stack​)​,​ ​GrayLog
  • MySQL, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g
  • FreeIPA​,​ ​OpenLDAP, Zentyal 3.5, 4.0
  • Icinga2,​ Nagios
  • Python, Bash​, PL/SQL
  • InSpec
  • FreePBX

Hobby Experience

  • RancherOS
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana
  • Vagrant
  • Alienvault OSSIM
  • Different security testing tools
  • HUGO static site generator


Certificate name Exam Date
Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) 2021.Dec
Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) 2021.Dec
Certified OpenStack Administrator (OCM100) 2014.Nov


Institute and Major Exam Date
University of Szeged Computer Scientist ​ ​MSc.​ 2019. Jan
University of Szeged Software Information Technologist​ ​BSc.​ 2012. Jun

Expired Certificates

Certificate name Exam Date
AWS Certified Developer Associate 2018.Nov
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2018. Jul
Certified OpenStack Administrator 2016.Oct
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator 2016.Dec
Certified Ethical Hacker – EC-Council 2014.Mar

Public Presentations

  • French summary of my presentation of the Ivory Cyber Security Conference 2016 (later rebranded to Africa Cyber Security Conference)
  • OpenStack Certified Administrator exam tips video about volume management and some general advice from 2017
  • OpenStack Days Budapest 2017
  • OpenStack Days Uk 2017 related part starts here my actual short presentation starts here


SENIOR IT SPECIALIST - OPENSTACK     2021. October - Present


As a core member of the OpenStack Admin team I am responsible to multiple OpenStack deployments running thusands of virtual machines

  • Maintaining OpenStack deployments
  • Migrated multiple VMWare Integrated OpenStack (VIO) datacenters from VDS to NSX-T

INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEER     2019. Jul - 2021 September

WorldQuant Inc.

As an Infrastructure Engineer my responsibility was to modernize test, dev and production environments following IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and DevOps methodologies.

  • Maintaining and improving Ansible codebase to deploy AWS infrastructure
  • Provide support for developers regarding the underlying AWS infrastructure
  • Worked on “Kafka as a Service” internal project running on-prem
  • Helped delivered Kafka As a Service
  • Deployed and configured full SSO integration between AWS environments and company internal Active Directory

DEVSECOPS ENGINEER 2018. Jan - 2019 Jul

LogMeIn Inc.

I was a core member of the LogMeIn Security Team whose task was to “shift security left” in the CI/CD pipeline by giving tools to the teams using DevOps methodologies, and being involved in the development process from the beginning at any LogMeIn product.


*Evaluated and integrated 3rd party vendor ​security tools to the CI/CD pipeline *Created custom security tools which was integrated to the CI/CD pipeline (AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Python) *Provided internal trainings (Docker)

  • 2nd place at LMI Budapest Hackathon 2018 with my team. My role was to create the CI/CD pipeline for aServerless project​ using ​AWS SAM​ and ​TeamCity
  • 1st and 2nd places at LMI Quarterly Security Team’s Hackday with internal security testing tool​ idea

LEAD SYS AND SEC ADMIN 2014. Oct - 2015. Jun

IT CONSULTANT 2015. Aug - 2018. Sep

Jighi Inc.

My main responsibility at Jighi was to maintain the company’s internal infrastructure and modernize it. I was also a key member of helping the company entering new markets. I worked at Jighi between 2014 Oct. and 2015. Jun. full-time. After that, it was part-time until the end of 2018 Sep.

  • Maintained Jighi’s internal infrastructure
  • Provided reports for the Africa Cyber Security Conference
  • Communicated with consultant partners
  • Migrated​ the internal infrastructure from multiple VPS providers ​to AWS​ and created a seamless internal virtual LAN experience for employees
  • Introduced VM ​deployment and configuration automation​ using first Puppet then later ​Ansible
  • Helped the management to enter the IT Security Market and organize the Cyber Security Conference in Abidjan


Component Soft Ltd.

I worked as a full-time OpenStack L3 support consultant and instructor between 2016 July and 2017 June. After that I was a part-time instructor until end of 2017 December.

  • Provided ​OpenStack L3 support and consultancy​ to one of the major Hungarian telecommunications
  • companies
  • Presented OpenStack, Docker, Linux, Ansible ​and ​SQL​ courses in several countries
  • Managed company internal infrastructure
  • Anonymous feedbacks from students showed high satisfaction in any topic presented by me

ORACLE DBA CONSULTANT 2011. Jun - 2014. May

Webvalto Ltd

I started working on a demo project for a public tender in PL/SQL, later I transitioned to the Oracle DBA Consultant team which provides different services for different enterprises in the telco, bank, insurance and pharmacy sector in Hungary.

  • Provided Oracle Database (10g, 11g) ​administration, troubleshooting ​and performance tuning on UNIX,
  • Oracle Linux and Windows 2008R2
  • Provided 24/7 on-call production database support

PROJECT ASSISTANT 2010. Jul - 2010. Dec

University of Szeged

Everybody has to start somewhere… I started as a technical document writer for different projects at the Department of Software Engineering during my studies at the University of Szeged.