Why have I migrate from VirtualBox to qemu + libvirtd

tl;dr : Rolling release is not a good idea, it can break your VirtualBox. You can migrate to qemu (libvirtd) + virt-manager + xfreerdp if you have a working .ova backup. I've been using Linux (or GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux if you're that type of person…) since 2012. I started with the usual suspects: Ubuntu (12.04 if I recall correctly). I tried really hard to use Unit, then recently GNOME, but neither of them was right for me. [Read more from Why Have I Migrate From VirtualBox to Qemu + Libvirtd...]

Why start another tech blog?

I wanted to have a “personal tech” blog since ages. But somehow never really got the time to do it. But recently I have became a father and suddenly I have all the time what I need 😛. Jokes aside, I've really became a father recently so I have virtually no time and no clue how often I will add new posts. I really wanted to start building my “personal brand” and I have a few tech ideas what I would like to try and/or share. [Read more from Why Start Another Tech Blog?...]