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How to change the NSX-T password for Neutron in VMware Integrated OpenStack using the WebUI or the CLI

Summary Disclaimer: the following is most likely a bug of the combination of the usage of VMware Integrated OpenStack 7.0.x and NSX-T 3.1.x If you are using VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO in short) with NXS-T network backend, then this might come handy for you in the future. Changing the password in the WebUI Here is how you are supposed to change the password using the web user interface – called the Integrated OpenStack Manager:

Be careful how and where do you define your variables in GitLab

Summary tl;dr Even when you use multiple configuration files for your GitLab CI pipeline, the variable namespace is shared between them. So you can accidentally override something. Backstory So I have this hobby serverless project with my friends. We are using GitLab to manually (shame on me) trigger the deployments of certain components. Also because of bad memories of our previous workplace we have decided to run with the Monorepo strategy.

The Great Reboot

I haven’t really did anything with this blog in the last 1 year. I have my excuses, in form of a 2 years old toddler who refuse to go to sleep before 10:00PM. Judge me as a parent as much as you like… I take over my kiddo, from my wife as soon as I finish my workday. This literally means stepping out of my room at 5:00 - 5:30 PM (a.

Why have I migrate from VirtualBox to qemu + libvirtd

tl;dr : Rolling release is not a good idea, it can break your VirtualBox. You can migrate to qemu (libvirtd) + virt-manager + xfreerdp if you have a working .ova backup. I’ve been using Linux (or GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux if you’re that type of person…) since 2012. I started with the usual suspects: Ubuntu (12.04 if I recall correctly). I tried really hard to use Unit, then recently GNOME, but neither of them was right for me.

Why start another tech blog?

I wanted to have a “personal tech” blog since ages. But somehow never really got the time to do it. But recently I have became a father and suddenly I have all the time what I need 😛. Jokes aside, I’ve really became a father recently so I have virtually no time and no clue how often I will add new posts. I really wanted to start building my “personal brand” and I have a few tech ideas what I would like to try and/or share.