Why start another tech blog?


I wanted to have a “personal tech” blog since ages. But somehow never really got the time to do it. But recently I have became a father and suddenly I have all the time what I need 😛.

Jokes aside, I’ve really became a father recently so I have virtually no time and no clue how often I will add new posts.

I really wanted to start building my “personal brand” and I have a few tech ideas what I would like to try and/or share. For example this blog is built by using the HUGO static site generating framework which I wanted to test a really long time ago.

I also have this big project idea in my head: “Building the perfect IT infra using OpenSource Tools”. This includes everything starting from workstation management, mail server, file server etc. It will take time (have I mentioned that I became a father?), and bunch of resources. But I’m sure I will learn a ton during this process.

And, of course, there are things what I have to share, just for a sake of my sanity. So raging on this blog is probably cheaper than going to a therapist. Plus the latter not necessarily will be able to understand my fury against Ansible, Terraform, Linux etc… 😛.