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In this site I just would like to promote some of my friends or my favorite learning platforms (in case somebody looking for things like these). Just FYI: These are not affiliate links and I don’t get any money by doing this.

On site and virtual live training in various IT Technologies

Company: Component Soft Ltd.


Why am I promoting them?

Ok maybe I am biased here a little bit. I was full-time employee between June 2016 and July 2017. And even after that I still worked here as a contractor occasionally for another half year. Nevertheless I do believe that the team and their provided courses are one of the best in the industry. Trainings are divided 50% theoretical and 50% practical. Each student have their own dedicated environment and where it make sense, these environments consist multiple nodes. So you do get an experience with an OpenStack or a Kubernetes cluster and not just a single node DevStack / Minikube.

Also if you need some L3 support in those areas they got you covered.

Plus: if you still have Solaris around in your environment, but have hard time find somebody to train your new employees, well Component Soft still has Solaris training expertise :)

A “GDPR and CCPA to Engineer” Translator

Company: Pasero


Why am I promoting them?

Ok maybe I am biased here a little bit (again). Mark Vinkovits - the founder - was my first manager at LogMeIn back in 2018. In 2019 he started his own gig with his friend. They help companies to actually meet the GDPR in the EU or CCPA in the USA (plus with SOC1,2 etc audits and creating proper Secure-SDLC well). By the way Mark also created a privacy “extension” for “The Elevation of Privilege” card game - originally created by Adam Shostack. If you interested you can watch the recording of they presentation from AppSecCali 2019 here.

Most of the companies asked their lawyers to draft a few fancy “serious” sentences what devs can put into cookies text area. So management happy since they meet the GDPR requirements, customers happy because they can click yet another popup stuff so they able to see what is on the webpage.

If the above mentioned situation good enough for you then give yourself a high five. But if you are really serious about your customer privacy, and want to make sure you really did your job, then reach out to Mark. He will make sure that managers and developers alike really understand the actual technical requirements of the above mentioned privacy laws or compliances.

By the way Mark is perfect in English, German and of course Hungarian. I have no clue why he does not have an English version of his site…

Freelancer Penterster and Security Trainer

Name: Balázs Hambalkó


Why am I promoting him?

I know Balázs from Jighi. He helped us out in a few projects and also was kind enough to do a presentation in the very first Ivory Cyber Security Conference (which lately got rebranded to Africa Cyber Security Conference). He is very reliable and knowledgeable in his expertise.

Best place to read IT books

Company: O’Reilly


Why am I promoting them?

On this platform you can read countless IT Tech and Management related books or watch training videos for a yearly membership fee. Every year O’Reilly do a 50% off discount for life, unfortunately I have no clue when they do this (hint: when I signed up it was not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday…). They now started adding some test machine/platform mechanism as well, but I have never tested it.

I read most of my tech books from this platform and the 200USD / year membership is really cheap for me comparing to the overall cost if I would buy those books individually.

Best place to watch training videos

Company: ACloudGuru & LinuxAcademy

Website: &

Why am I promoting them?

I used to prepare my AWS certificates and I did not regret it. I was able to pass both the AWS Solution Architect Associate and AWS Developer Associate exam fro first try. And I’m using to learn other topics on (lately to refresh my Kubernetes knowledge).

Lately I saw comments on different subredidts stating that ACloudGuru is only good for you if you aim to pass the exams, but you have to use if you actually have a deeper understanding regarding the technology. Honestly I have not yet compared any AWS exam curriculum on the 2 sites so I neither confirm or deny these statements. But the good or bad, (you can decide) news is that ACloudGuru bought LinuxAcademy at the end of 2018. So we will see how the 2 platform will merge.

Off Topic: Best travel blog


Why am I promoting it?

Well actually this is our family travel blog site. 99.99% of the posts are written by my beautiful wife and I’m just providing the technical support for it. So if you had enough about the tech mombo-jumbo fora day, then please consider visiting and sharing the site for a change.